Recieve Savings Right To The Bottom Line!

The biggest corporations and Universities often have a self-funded health insurance program. That means every dollar you save on your employees health goes right to the bottom line. According to the Cornell University Institute for Health and Productivity Studies, employers can save $450 annually per employee as a result of reduced health expenditures from a wellness investment of $150 per employee. Free White Paper

Healthy Employees Are 20% More Productive

Some companies find that wellness programs actually reduce absenteeism up to 80%! Many studies are showing that wellness programs have provided up to a 20% increase in productivity and a 56% increase in morale! The Zero Stress Coaching Series can return savings on your investment much faster than traditional wellness programs due to it's significantly lower up-front costs. Free Wellness ROI Report

eLearning That's Easy, Effective And Scalable

The Online Zero Stress Coaching Series is a SCORM compliant eLearning wellness program that represents a much more efficient way to implement a wellness program for your company. It scales globally and is significantly easier to track than traditional programs. We offer low cost pilot programs to large corporations and Universities with self-funded health insurance programs. Learn More

What People Are Saying

"As a recent college graduate who had just entered the workforce, I found that my stress levels, eating habits and sleeping patterns were all out of whack. The Zero Stress Coaching Program was my ticket to a better balance for my adult life. It was a crash course in how to be happy in the real world!"

~ Meghan B, Nonprofit Coordinator - St Louis, MO

"Like a mind-body makeover presented by a good friend, this program is incredibly comprehensive and offers new solutions to old problems. The coaching sessions are perfect company for the drive to work and Dan's positive ideas resonate throughout the day."

~ Sandy Z, Speech Therapist - North Shore, MA

"I was going through one thing after another. It was a real difficult time in my life. The Zero Stress coaching program helped me learn very specific things that I could do differently. It made things much easier!"

~ Alan P, Business Consultant - New York, NY

"This unique program ties elements of your past and present together and gives clear, easy to follow steps on how to get free of stress, enjoy a healthy life style and create more time for fun!"

~ Debra Z, Artist - South Shore, MA

"For me the information about food allergies and food sensitivities was very important and I've been able to help myself and other family members with this. Of all the things that will have a lasting impact the step-by-step guide to letting go in session 5 was truly amazing. I highly recommend this program!"

~ Kim D, Floral Designer - Pembroke, MA

"As a yoga teacher who works towards teaching and practicing balance, I'm excited about adopting many of these new practices and weaving them into my teaching as well. I loved the program and recommend it to my friends, family and peers!"

~ Meghan M - Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Counselor - Boston, MA

The Online Zero Stress Coaching Program Can Help Your Employees Become Healthier & More Productive + Reduce Health Care Costs!

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